Friday, March 02, 2007

I knew if I was patient, I'd get something upon which to wax bloggy.

One of the parishes here in Morgantown, St. Mary's in Star City, recently had a 'parish meeting' at which was discussed (using the term loosely) the renewal(?) of the worship space (?). This meeting was led by the pastor along with a Father Richard Vosko who bills himself as a 'liturgical consultant' and two other men (architects? interior designers?) - all three of whom were dressed in black suits and carrying briefcases.

(Imagine 'shark-coming-at-you' music from the movie "Jaws" here)

Go to to read about Fr. Vosko. Sources tell me he's responsible for Cdl. Mahoney's cathe'dull' in Los Angeles, and the website if St. Charles Borromeo parish in Kettering, Ohio, which was also a product of Father Vosko's process, has only a couple of small photographs of the church on its home page but it looks awfully generic, and definitely not Catholic.
The picture is of the interior of St. Mary's at the beginning of Advent. One of the things I've been told that's probably going to change is that the big beautiful crucifix there behind the altar is on its way out.....sources say that 'people must be able to touch it, so it should be in the gathering space and be brought into the sanctuary for Mass'.
And no, folks, this isn't my parish, although I was a member for several years when I lived in this part of town. But it IS my faith, and I can't stand to sit idly by and watch yet another Catholic church in Morgantown get protestantized in the name of renovation.
More news, photos and information as it becomes available.


Carolina Cannonball said...

have you emailed the priest at St. mary's the link in this post. He might find it very informing. Perhaps if some parishners were familar with Vosko and his wreck-o-vations then they would get a chance to speak out.

Carolina Cannonball said...

any help you need, btw, just let me know. I am sure other bloggers more knowledgable then I know how to stop a 'Dick' or ahve had dealings with a Dick.